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Kelley House Bikes

The historic Kelley House sits in the heart of Edgartown. Edgartown, being a staple of Martha’s Vineyard, is one of the islands most exciting and scenic towns. When staying here, it is important to try and take in as many of the beautiful sights and surroundings as possible.


The Kelly House Bikes ensure that you will not only see Main Street Edgartown, but they also open up possibilities to expand your experience while enjoying a pleasant ride.


These bikes are easy to operate and offer baskets for when you need an extra hand.


Planning a day on South Beach has never been easier; a cruise through Edgartown leads to a beautiful ride past the Farm Institute. In no time you can be enjoying one of the islands most sought after beaches without the stress of parking.


Providing fun and convenience, the Kelley House Bikes are the way to go when planning a true authentic Vineyard day. Be sure to share snaps of your adventure with us using the hashtag #KelleyHouseBikes




Top Coffee Shops in Edgartown

If you’re a coffee lover, the first thing you do when visiting a new travel destination is to scout out the best coffee in town. We’ve done the legwork for you and here are the some of the best coffee shops in Edgartown. SO if you’re looking to get your morning buzz on here in Edgartown, we’ve got you covered!

1. Newes From America Pub

Conveniently located next to Kelley House right on Kelley St. the Newes Pub is a coffee-lover’s haven. The outdoor seating is great for sitting and enjoying your brew and watching the action on North Water Street, or you can grab your cuppa to go as you explore what the island has to offer! BONUS: In the summer the Newes also serves breakfast daily starting at 7am! Stop by for a delicious selection of classic American pub food.


2. MacPhail’s Corner Cafe

This local spot across from the Edgartown Harbor opens up mid-June and serves great coffee as well as lunch options. Sit on one of their benches and watch Edgartown wake up while sipping on your preferred coffee of choice.


3. Toccopuro Coffee

Probably the one place on island that serves bubble tea, the classic Taiwanese tea-based drink. Located to the left of Jack Wills on Main Street, Toccopuro Coffee also serves Italian baked goods and brew a variety of coffees over a tabletop Siphon, which produces a delicate, tea-like cup of coffee for those of you that prefer a lighter roast.


4. Murdick’s Cafe

Famous for its handmade fudge, Murdick’s Cafe (right next to Murdick’s Fudge in Egdartown) is the ideal spot for a morning bagel and coffee. Grab your items, walk down to the harbor, and enjoy your hot coffee while watching the boats sail by. 


5. Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture, located on Nevin Square on Winter Street in Edgartown, is home to some great brews, where you want a timely espresso, a quick iced coffee, or a delicate pour over. The coffee tends to be Counter Culture Coffee, a coffee that has always been sourcing incredible handmade coffees directly from farmers and cooperatives. You can also find Pain D’ Avignon baked goods early in the morning. 


6. Espresso Love

Open year-round in Edgartown (with a second location in Boston), Espresso Love is the coffee adored by locals and tourists alike. Their offerings include freshly brewed coffee and specialty drinks, baked goods, as well as soups and sandwiches for lunch and dinner (they are open until 6pm). Perfect spot to pick up an iced coffee and a sandwich to take to the beach!


7. Behind the Bookstore

New to the coffee scene, Behind the Bookstore has reopened for their third season this year and are back and better than ever! This is the spot that makes their very own chocolate ganache for their mochas, whisks their matcha lattes to perfection, and carefully crafts delicious baked goods daily. You can also find beverages, salads, and quick meals for on the go.



Leave a comment below and let us know where you get your coffee in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard!