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Chappy Happy

While visiting Martha’s Vineyard, you have to make the trip over to Chappaquidick Island or ‘Chappy’ as we tenderly call it.  It is only a small swim away from the Kelley House and all the buzz of downtown Edgartown. 

Photo Sep 22, 6 21 30 PM

 If you are looking for the quiet simplicities of island life, you’ll find it on Chappy.  Recently we borrowed our friends Jeep for the day and decided to venture over. 

This is the view as we were entering on to the On Time III (Below)

Photo Sep 22, 7 03 54 PM

Until 2007, Martha’s Vineyard and Chappaquiddick were connected by Norton Point Beach, a narrow, two-mile long strip of land.  Today, guests of Chappy can go over from downtown on the ON TIME II or ON TIME III, ferry systems that frequents back and forth daily from one side of the harbor to the next carrying only passengers and three vehicles at a time. 

Residents are able to purchase year round passes to drive on to the beaches of Wasque  (Below)

Photo Sep 22, 3 29 50 PM

While driving along you’ll notice Chappy has just one public business, a combination general store and automobile mechanic’s garage, which is only open in the summer.  You will also find the only commercial farm on the island,  Slip Away Farm.

Photo Sep 22, 5 26 05 PM

Slip Away’s farm fresh goodies can be found at several local restaurants on the Vineyard or at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market. 

Photo Sep 22, 5 35 53 PM

Our favorite MUST SEE locations on Chappy are all maintained and protected by the Trustees of Reservations and include the Mytoi Japanese garden, open year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset, Cape Pogue Lighthouse and the Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge

Photo Sep 22, 5 33 28 PM

Photo Sep 22, 5 39 47 PM

After spending some time on the beach at Wasque we decided to head over to the Cape Pogue Gut to continue our luck at fishing and watch the sunset from the other side. 

I found an extra plump beach plum (Above) while walking down the trail.  The trail led out to a beautiful beach with views of the Edgartown Lighthouse. 

Photo Sep 22, 5 40 24 PM

Fishing on a dock (BELOW) with hopes of catching a pin worthy fish for the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. 

Photo Sep 22, 5 48 57 PM

The sunset made the whole sky glow as we drove back to catch the boat… Edgartown never looked so good! 

Photo Sep 22, 7 03 26 PM

The Edgartown Lighthouse in the distance (ABOVE) 

Photo Sep 22, 7 07 02 PM

Our trip to Chappy was just what we needed to get away for the day and enjoy the spirit of island living.

See you on the other side…

With Love, ~C.


Meals in the Meadow

139506180470_91_193_54 Every year the Farm Institute hosts a big party on their farm called Meals in the Meadow to raise money and have a good time!

“The FARM Institute is an educational non-profit institution committed to connecting people of all ages and all circumstances to agriculture through the diverse operations of a working farm…” and it just so happens to be minutes away from the Kelley House.  kh

We got all dressed up, took a few pictures in front of our new Kelley House branded bicycles and headed out to the farm.

Between June 15 and Labor Day the Farm Institute offers weekday guided tours at 10am and 2pm (there is no tour on Friday afternoons.) bunnies When we arrived there were all sorts of animals to meet.  Like these adorable albino bunnies! g  and young turkeys who happened to be escape artists. 

The Farm Institute now offers Hayride tours in the Summer, Mondays through Wednesdays at 11:30am; other times available by appointment. $10/family, $5/individual. Space is limited. kaja The cows were a favorite.  We were able to pet them, learn about their breed and really get to see their personalities…  Like the momma cow (above) who wanted all of our attention. fjasjf The cocktails & hors d’oeuvres featuring local fare donated by island restaurants were the perfect touch to an already amazing evening. 

After a few snacks, the silent auction kicked off dinner under a HUGE tent… ksjdka complete with paper lanterns over head.  It was a night to remember!

As the sunset over the cow pasture,  Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish came on and we danced the night away.  Hearing the occasional moo in the background really added an extra something to the night. untitled See it for yourself.  Purchase your ticket to next years Meals in Meadows, its worth every penny!

From October-May, call ahead to schedule a morning Chore Tour or Farm Tour.  Chore Tours are helping with morning chores from 9-10 am and are a great way to get up close with the animals. Suggested donation for Chore Tours is $25; for Farm tours it’s $10.

With Love, ~C.